Table 31 Imports began in the early 2000’s , in Summit County,Colorado, by Robert Fowles and Martin Allen with the goalĀ of bringing great wines to the US marketplace from Spain, Argentina and Chile.

The name “Table 31 Imports” comes from table #31 at the Great Northern Tavern Restaurant at Keystone Resort, Colorado. This is where we met to start our journey into wine importing.

Our three guiding principles are:

1) No Co-Ops– Having various tracts of land, all contributing to a bottle, this often leads to inconsistency in vintages. But also no real knowledge of what grapes came from what plot of land. We always want to know where the grapes called their home.

2) One vineyard/Appellation-Through many trials, we decided that one vineyard per appellation should be enough. Simply put we find the best one vineyard for us. We adhere to this (with very few exceptions) so that they will know that we are singular with them in the effort.

3) More wine from less vineyards-Simply put, we are not the guys with 300 wines. When we make a decision to import a vineyard for the long term, this decision is not just for one wine, but for the potential of more. This is what we strive for in our relationship with our vineyards.