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    Causes and preventive measures of low temperature brittleness of PPR pipe in winter

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    Causes and preventive measures of low temperature brittleness of PPR pipe in winter


    It is well known that PPR pipes have low-temperature brittleness, and they may be broken by external force or heavy pressure. So what is the reason for this now, how to prevent it?


    1. Why does the PPR tube have low temperature brittleness?

    A: PP-R is a random copolymer polypropylene, which is what we call type III polypropylene. It is obtained by random copolymerization of propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under heat, pressure and catalyst. The ethylene monomers are randomly distributed into the long chain of propylene, wherein the ethylene monomer is generally controlled between 3-5%. The ethylene content and the way in which ethylene and propylene are polymerized determine its cold-brittle character. In the case of low temperature, especially during winter construction, the flexibility of the pipe at low temperature is reduced, the rigidity is enhanced, and the brittleness is exhibited. Under the impact of external force or excessive accidental load, the pipe may be cracked straight. Inconvenience to the construction. To this end, the relevant national regulations have made clear requirements for this issue.

    In the winter construction, attention should be paid to the low-temperature brittleness of the building water-supply polypropylene (PP-R) pipeline, and the corresponding construction plan should be formulated. GB/T50349-2005 has detailed provisions for this.


    2. The form of PPR pipe cold brittleness in practical application

    Answer: When the ambient temperature is low, the toughness of the PPR pipe is reduced and it is brittle. When the pipe is subjected to external impact or heavy pressure, linear cracking will occur, and the cracking will start from the inner pipe and extend to the outer pipe. After the pipe is cracked by the force of one point, in the instant, the crack will grow rapidly along the axis of the pipe. This characteristic is called rapid crack growth. In winter, the pipe is transported, and the external force is caused during the construction and installation. Injury, there will be brittleness and toughness (when hot water is delivered) during use.


    3. The misunderstanding that everyone often walks in----The PPR water pipe that can be split is the poor water pipe.

    A: This method of judgment is wrong. Can you split the PPR tube? This is a misunderstanding to judge whether the PPR is good or bad. This does not test whether the PPR is good or bad, because the performance of the PP-R material itself varies with the ambient temperature. A certain degree of change has taken place. In the case of low temperatures, especially in winter, the flexibility of the pipe is reduced at low temperatures, and the rigidity is enhanced, showing brittleness. Tube breakage may occur under external impact or excessive accidental loads. Inconvenience to the construction.

    To this end, the relevant national regulations have made clear requirements for this issue. In the winter construction, attention should be paid to the low-temperature brittleness of the building water-supply polypropylene (PP-R) pipeline, and the corresponding construction plan should be formulated. GB/T50349-2005 has detailed provisions for this. Instead, some fake and inferior PPR tubes with other materials added are not easy to break! The true PP-R, which can transport both high-temperature hot water and cold water, can be cleaved for 50 years, especially at lower temperatures. This is the low-temperature brittleness of PP-R.

    If the PP-R water pipe cannot be cracked, it can be concluded that it is not a true PP-R material. The advantages of PP-R tubes are mainly reflected in the high creep resistance.

    The good tube of pure PP-R material has low temperature brittleness, especially in the environment below 5 °C, so the good tube can be split, and the cracking is often not PP-R tube, but PP- conveying cold water. B or mixed with other materials.


    4. How to avoid cold and brittle fracture of PPR pipe in practical application

    Answer: 1) PPR pipe is strictly prohibited from being thrown, dropped, rolled or towed during the handling process;

    2) Pipes are required to be stored in warehouses and simple sheds, and the stacking height cannot exceed 1.5m.

    3) In the process of construction, we must:

    1 PPR pipe is lower in hardness and rigidity than metal pipe, and should be protected during handling and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper external force. After the dark application, the position of the pipeline should be marked to avoid damage to the pipeline due to the secondary decoration.

    2PPR tube has a certain low temperature brittleness below 5 °C. Be careful when constructing in winter. Cut the tube slowly with a sharp cutter. The installed pipelines should not be stressed or knocked, and if necessary, covered with protective parts.

    3 Pipes Before cutting, if the pipe is found to be white due to external force factors, the pipe cannot be used.

    4 Before the pipe is hot-melt connected, carefully check whether the pipe has been damaged. Especially the inner wall, because the pipe is ruptured first when it is subjected to an external force, and then to the outside. Avoid using tubing whose inner wall has broken but the outer tube is not broken.

    5 After the pipeline is installed, it must be tested before direct burial and non-direct burying. The pressure test pressure of the cold water pipe is 1.5 times of the working pressure of the system, but not less than 0.9 MPa; the test pressure of the hot water pipe is twice the working pressure, but not less than 1.2 MPa.


    5. The phenomenon associated with it

    1) The pipe was found to be cracked during the home decoration process.

    2) The PPR tube was found to have a tube breakage when it was buried.

    3) The PPR tube has a linear crack at the time of pressure test or after a period of use.

    4) After the PP-R is used for a period of time, the pipe welded in the pipe has cracks.

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